The Reason For Our Existence

Dave Bird and Ignas Bernotas founded Clickthroo in 2011 to solve a problem faced by every online marketer – that it was very difficult to design, build and deploy landing pages (as marketers), and then implement split-testing, traffic segmentation, auto-optimization, page personalization and a whole bunch of other features that would make the difference.

In short, Clickthroo was born out of need. The need to build an intuitive web application, aimed at marketers, that was not just a landing page builder, but an all-in-one landing page software platform and consultancy service.

Development commenced in June 2011, and Clickthroo opened for beta-testing in December 2012 with the commercial launch following in March 2013.

Clickthroo are based in the United Kingdom, but service users from all over the world.

The Clickthroo Team

Dave Bird

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Obsessed with all things digital and the man with the plan. When Dave isn’t trying to avoid his coffee round (and yes – we built an app for that), he enjoys Monty Python, playing guitar like a rockstar, and travelling.

Fave 3 websites : Techcrunch | Search Engine Land | Reddit

Ignas Bernotas

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

A nocturnal creature, devoted to the dark arts of programming. When he’s not visiting the future, he plays poker, listens to weird metal music and has a slightly odd obsession with garden gnomes.

Fave 3 websites : Stack Overflow | Smashing Magazine | The Hacker News

Phill Dangerfield

Digital Marketing Manager

More commonly known as “Celiac Phill” or “Dangermouse”, Phill is the all-round, data-driven Marketing Manager. When he’s not indulging in Gluten-Free food, he enjoys racket sports, The Office (UK and US), and sunshine.

Fave 3 websites : PPC Hero | Search Engine Watch | PPC Memes

Nisha Kaushal

Social Media Manager

A social butterfly both professionally and personally. When not socialising she can be found face deep in popcorn at her local cinema or counting calories in the cake isle.

Fave 3 websites : Socialnomics | Cakeaholics | Mashable

Neil Boyd

Web Developer

A dedicated workaholic and coffee fan (the stronger the better!). When he’s not hammering away at the keyboard he enjoys pubs, music, console games and holidays amongst going insane trying to comprehend the workings of the Universe !

Fave 3 websites : NASA | CERN | Stack Overflow

Craig Barker


A sucker for all things design – a kind of ‘Digital Van Gough’ for the iGeneration. Craig likes to unwind after a hard day’s work with a glass of red wine and thoughts of fast cars racing through his mind.

Fave 3 websites : FWA | Deviant Art | Active Kiddies

Ricky May

User Experience & Testing

Keen on all digital, Ricky can be found with a million browser tabs open – tidiness not being one of his strongest points! In his spare time he is a sports nut and enjoys a beer (or two).

Fave 3 websites : Fail Blog | ASOS | BBC Sport

Sara Gratian

Finance Director

The girl who is great with numbers and a people person – yes, hard to believe a accountant can have a personality! Sara can often be found singing both on and off stage or hiding under a desk eating chocolate!

Fave 3 websites : Revolver Revolver | ALT Design | PCC

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